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Thank You for visiting! Our purpose is very simple: If you suffer from fibromyalgia, we will help you Get Better! We strive to accomplish this by providing an un-biased research based source for information aimed at educating you on effective means of treating fibromyalgia and bringing you tools to make the process happen. This includes over 150 research based articles, instructional videos, forums and tools designed to assist patients in building a proven effective individually tailored treatment approach.
How We Can Improve Your Fibromyalgia Treatment

Effective fibromyalgia treatment is notoriously difficult. While there is no "Magic Pill" when it comes to treating fibromyalgia, it is possible to overcome this debilitating chronic pain condition. Fibromyalgia effects each patient differently. Symptoms and linked conditions can vary wildly from patient to patient. Effective treatment is complicated by the reality that patients tend to respond to different options individually. Treatment that is effective for one patient may make another worse! The treatment process is further frustrated by the reality that there are literally thousands of different treatment options and combinations that are effective for many patients. How does one go about determining what will work for them?

The single overwhelmingly supported fundamental treatment principal is for patients to adopt a strong "Self-Management" approach. Our primary objective at Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com is to teach you how to do this and provide you with tools to make your efforts successful. If you want to get better - following a system for effective self-management is your path forward. Researchers, authors, doctors, fibromyalgia experts - the one core principal all agree upon relative to treating fibromyalgia is the need for patients to embrace self management and engage in a process for developing a personalized multi-dimensional treatment approach.

Please download our free ebook - Your Guide to Treating Fibromyalgia. This 85 page resource is focused on teaching you how to adopt and implement an effective self-management approach. We also urge you to check out the FibroTrack online fibromyalgia management system which has been developed specifically to aid patients in creating an effective individual fibromyalgia treatment program.

Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com does not endorse or promote any specific treatment options. This website is not funded or sponsored by any outside organization. Our efforts are from the patient community for the patient community. We do not allow advertising on the site as we feel this would be contradictory to our purpose of providing unbiased research based treatment information. Please take a few moments and watch the short video on this page as it provides a quick and fun overview of the FibroTrack system.

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Our Purpose is to Help You Manage Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Ongoing Fibromyalgia Treatment Efforts.

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Testing Fundamentals

Researching and testing different treatment options for the purpose of figuring out what will work best for you is fundamental to getting better. Your doctors do not know what will prove most effective for you. Books cannot tell you, websites offer no cure (including mine!) and there is no magic solution that works for everyone. […]

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Big Data – Big Hope!

Among the biggest challenges facing medical professionals when it comes to treating fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions is understanding how and why symptoms occur. Fibro is a shape shifter. It changes and moves around the body, often without any apparent cause or reason. Effective treatment varies from patient to patient. For medical professionals, trying […]

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Deciphering the Deceptive

Your body speaks to you every day. The symptoms that you experience are messages that your body is sending you. Messages telling you that something is wrong! Pain is the bodies means of letting you know that something is not right and it needs to be fixed. The problem with fibromyalgia is that often, these […]

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“Fight Hard” vs “Fight Smart”

Many skeptics and members of the “Fibro Ignorant” feel that individuals with fibromyalgia could recover if they would only try harder. They observe that many with fibro do not exercise, are significantly overweight, have terrible diets, live a fundamentally unhealthy lifestyle and appear to be doing very little on their own to get better. They […]

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“Be Better” vs “Get Better”

I have a simple question for you. Please: Seriously think about this. It could hold the key to really helping you overcome fibromyalgia. Do you just want to “Be” better….   or are you willing to “Get” better? There is a huge difference between the two choices. The first implies an instant transformation. To suddenly be […]

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FibroTrack Update 2-11-13

Lots of great stuff is happening with FibroTrack so lets jump right into reviewing what’s going on and what new stuff is coming soon! I posted the video interview last week with Dr. Deborah Barrett, author of Paintracking. When I first posted the video I really goofed and somehow managed to upload the incorrect edited […]

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Deborah Barrett Interview!

This video interview with fibromyalgia expert Dr. Deborah Barrett reviews her fabulous book “Paintracking” and digs into effective processes for managing fibromyalgia and reducing symptoms! If your interested in learning about “How” to manage your fibro – watch this video!

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Self-Management 101

There are few things related to Fibromyalgia that every recognized expert in the field can agree upon – but the need for patients to embrace Self-Management as a core concept in their approach to treatment is one. Why? Because scientific evidence suggests that a multi-faceted treatment approach is most effective and no other individual on the planet is better positioned to manage such an effort than the patient themselves. The bottom line is simple – If you suffer from Fibromyalgia and you wish to realize the largest and longest lasting improvements in your symptoms possible, then embracing the concept of Self-Management should be mandatory

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Inspect What You Expect

Fibromyalgia treatment is optimized when an ongoing management process is defined and actions are targeted at specific symptoms driven goals. Implementing an effective Fibromyalgia self-management program means putting in place systems to maximize your ability to inspect what you expect. Following a process that includes collecting, analyzing and utilizing data related to your symptoms and treatment efforts can enable a process of “Intelligent Trial and Error” – and move you closer to effective treatment and feeling better. Read on to learn more…

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