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Terry Springer

Terry Springer

President  -  Online Awesome LLC

Terry is the founder and President of Online Awesome LLC,  the parent company for Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com and Fibrotrack.com. Terry is also the designer of the FibroTrack application – The worlds first “Internet Enhanced Fibromyalgia Self-Management System”.

Terry grew up in Cumming, GA on Lake Lanier about 35 miles north of Atlanta. He graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens in 1991 with a degree in History. After a career spanning 18 years in the mortgage industry,  Mr. Springer is now devoted fully to the fight against Fibromyalgia – motivated by the impact this debilitating syndrome has had on his wife Michele. Terry and Michele have a son – Jackson – aged 13 and a daughter – Taylor – age 9. When not trying to keep up with the kids, Terry is a vintage sportscar fanatic and avid blue water sailor.

About Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com

The main website here at Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com serves as a “Home Base” for the FibroTrack system. Our goal with this website is not, however, just to promote FibroTrack but also to provide unbiased, research based information to all visitors about fibromyalgia and the many different treatment options that are available. We strive to achieve this objective by providing high quality articles, our free ebook on developing an individual treatment approach and through our forums. We welcome all visitors to use these resources regardless of whether they choose to subscribe to FibroTrack or not!

fibrotrack crew

The FibroTrack Crew

IMPORTANT -  It is not our intent, purpose or function to make specific recommendations relative to any individual treatment actions but rather to provide accurate, unbiased information and tools to assist patients in maximizing their own fibromyalgia management efforts.

Our Mission:  We have 3 primary goals for the Fibromyalgia-Treatment.com website and the FibroTrack application.

1. Assist individuals fighting fibromyalgia in engaging in an effective, ongoing self-management process through providing accurate, unbiased information and tools to facilitate the development of an individually tailored multi-dimensional treatment program.

2. Build a massive database of detailed patient provided symptom and treatment information for the purpose of furthering research aimed at developing more effective fibromyalgia treatment options.

3. To help our users have fun and enjoy rich, full lives while injecting some humor and lightheartedness into the process of managing fibromyalgia on a day to day basis!

privacyPRIVACY -  We feel it is critical to point out that we view individual privacy as extremely important! The FibroTrack application has been designed with privacy and user control of all personal information as a primary objective. Within the FibroTrack application, individual users have complete control over every piece of data including the ability to share their data with all FibroTrack members, only members of their support group or to keep all information strictly 100% private.

 We hate spam, and we would never share any user’s email address or other personal contact information with any third party.

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