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Prove what really works for your fibromyalgia

Incredible Technology is Bringing Amazing New Capabilities to the Fibromyalgia Treatment Process!

You Can Get Better: Less Pain. Reduced Symptoms. Better Quality of Life. Fibromyalgia Can Be Overcome – Managed and Controlled!

FibroTrack Will Teach You How and Help Make It Happen – Step by Step!

FibroTrack is far more than just a symptom tracking tool. It is a complete online system built on research proven principals to help you figure out and prove what treatments work for you. The FibroTrack web application uses new technology to make a difficult treatment process super simple and easy to do – a proven effective step by step system that gives you an accurate picture of your fibromyalgia and holds your hand through the process of building your own custom treatment program that is proven effective for your fibromyalgia. FibroTrack is a comprehensive system that leverages new technology to help you get better!

FibroTrack Makes It Super Easy to...

Benefits of FibroTrack


Wait a Minute.. Why Should I Trust FibroTrack?

FibroTrack has been evaluated and reviewed by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association and has earned their “Seal of Approval” !

The NFMCPA has endorsed the FibroTrack System

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association unites the patient and medical communities to transform lives through visionary support, advocacy, research and education to find affordable, accessible treatments and cures for fibromyalgia and overlapping conditions.Jan Chambers

Rae Gleason of the NFMCPA supports FibroTrack

Revolution in medical technology

Advancing technology is bringing incredible new capabilities to medical care. The explosion in both widely available high speed internet connections and powerful mobile devices has lead to amazing medical applications that make previously impossible treatment processes accessible and easy!

Apps are changing medical care

Medical Care is Advancing!

Software systems that support real time symptom collection, treatment tracking, social support, education, accountability and interactive reporting have been proven through multiple research studies as effective in delivering improved medical care results. Technology driven systems that enable accurate and consistent management efforts have been proven effective at improving results. These results are so clear that this type of technology is changing the very nature of how medical care will function in the future!

Applications developed for Diabetes, Arthritis, Nutrition, Obesity and other medical problems have helped millions to improve the quality of medical care they receive and achieve better health care results. Medical technology is helping millions to get better!

fibro fiasco

Fibromyalgia screams out for a technology driven management solution more than perhaps any other medical condition for two primary reasons. It is both incredibly complicated and it’s victims suffer debilitating ongoing symptoms.

The insane complexity that is fibromyalgia makes effective treatment a nightmare for medical professionals while the crushing nature of symptoms makes patient self-management extremely difficult to effectively do.

Combined, these two factors result in fibromyalgia patients often falling through the medical system cracks and suffering in frustration with little hope.

1I do what my doctor says…”

Does this sound familiar? You’re suffering pain. BAD pain – deep, aching, persistent and overwhelming pain. It’s weird. It tends to change and move around. It comes and goes and you have no idea why. Your fighting crushing fatigue, headaches, brain-fog and a bunch of other horrible symptoms.fibromyalgia?

You’re miserable and scared.

You go to the doctor and he asks “The Questions”.

So, tell me what’s been bothering you? How have you been doing? Where does it hurt? What does it feel like?

When you’ve been fighting really bad “Fibro-Fog” these questions are not easy! All you know is that you hurt, you don’t know why and you’re desperate to get better.

You can probably tell your doctor how you have felt over the past few days, but what about last week? How about 3 weeks ago? Last month? How – exactly – have your symptoms progressed and changed? What could be triggering flare-ups? What’s causing all this? Do some symptoms lead to others? Is your diet part of the problem? Which symptoms are really due to your fibromyalgia and which are due to side effects of medications you’re taking? What’s different at times when your symptoms are less? You don’t know… that’s the doctor’s job isn’t it?

confused doctor

"I wish I DID know what to do!"

You’re stressed out, feel overwhelmed and maybe a bit desperate.

Your doctor listens and asks more questions, but time is short. He may order some new medical tests. He may refer you to yet another specialist. Maybe he will give you another drug to try. Perhaps he will give you some pain medication.

Maybe he thinks you’re some hypochondriac nut or a druggie trying to score some pain meds.

But most likely, your doctor will do everything he can to help. He will listen and try to provide the best care he knows how. He is focused on trying to help you recover. That’s his job and he takes it seriously.

So you take whatever drugs he tells you too, you do the medical tests, you go see different specialists who do more tests and the merry-go-round winds on its way. Rinse and Repeat.

But the pain remains. You’re not really making progress.

Guess What…

Its not your fault

The medical system is simply not designed to deal with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. In most nations the medical care system is primarily structured for acute care. It is setup to provide care that channels through a well established process:

Typical Medical System Process

medical system and you

With fibromyalgia, there is no exam or widely available proven test. Diagnosis is typically achieved through a process of elimination with miss-diagnosis very common. There is no treatment a doctor can prescribe that they know for sure will work and far more often than not the patient does not get better. The system simply does not work.

They do their best. They care. Doctors want to help you get better. They know you are suffering and it is their job to fix this. They are professionals doing the absolute best they can to help you. But the challenges doctors face in treating Fibromyalgia are massive.

Treating fibromyalgia is a medical professionals worst nightmare! Consider:

Some of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgia

Some of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgia

Some of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgiaSome of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgiaSome of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgiaSome of the many challenges faced by doctors who treat fibromyalgia


Remember – Fibromyalgia is different for each patient. Your doctor is likely just as frustrated as you are! He is not providing you with a cure because he does not have one!

Your Care Team Needs Your Help!

So what I supposed to do?Fibromyalgia researchers, experts and advocates all agree that the impossible scenario fibromyalgia presents for medical professionals is best addressed through patient self-management. Self-management is a process through which the patient leads and coordinates their own care efforts in conjunction with their medical professionals. Patients engaged in effective self management focus on figuring out their own fibromyalgia puzzle.

Who says that self-management is the best solution for fibromyalgia patients? The National Fibromyalgia Association, The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, The National Institute of Health, The American Medical Association, The Mayo Clinic and pretty much every other expert out there.

If overcoming fibromyalgia and regaining your life is your goal, self-management is what you need to be focused on. So… what do you need to actually do?Fibro Warrior

Embrace Responsibility for Leading Your Own Care Efforts

It’s up to you. Figuring it all out is most likely to happen if you take control and do it. Once you have accepted that getting better is your responsibility and you make a decision that your not going to accept anything less, its time to start taking ACTION.

treatment actions 1


treatment actions 2


treatment actions 3


treatment actions 4


treatment actions 5


treatment actions 6


Self management is a team sportCarry on with your process…

Research — Test — Evaluate — Repeat!

Be consistent with your data collection. Make sure you’re providing your care team members with the details for how your fibromyalgia is progressing, and work to coordinate their input into a focused overall strategy.

Set Goals! Identify your most common and severe symptoms and things that may function in a causal role or as a trigger and define goals that you want to meet relative to these things!

Help Me Make Sure I Understand This…

So you’re fighting pain. Really bad chronic pain that is baffling and frustrating. You’re not sleeping well and horrible fatigue is crushing your ability to function. Thinking straight is a challenge.

Could this woman be overwhelmed by fibro?

You Want Me To Do WHAT?

“Fibro-Fog” sometimes makes it near impossible to keep up with even the basics in life. You’re confused, scared, angry and overwhelmed all at the same time.

Despite all this, you’re supposed to become an active scientist and researcher. You’re supposed to maintain all kinds of detailed records every day. You’re supposed to do a bunch of focused research and keep accurate notes. You’re supposed to somehow get all the stuff your tracking organized so you can evaluate it and share it with your care team.

You need to be keeping accurate and consistent symptom records and keep track of everything you are doing for treatment. You’re supposed to be testing different treatments and lifestyle changes and measuring your results. You should be doing this on an ongoing basis. You need to be reviewing it and making sense of it all.

Hmmm… This Sounds Absurd!

blue what kind of crazy bannerExactly! The core nature of fibromyalgia makes treating it incredibly difficult.

Medical professionals have no cure to deliver and they lack the ability to put together all of the pieces to every patients fibromyalgia puzzle. They desperately need help to improve the care they can provide.

Patients who do accept this reality and who embrace the guidelines and processes that research and experts insist they must focus on are usually too sick to follow through effectively. Fibromyalgia itself makes keeping up with everything and managing the ongoing process of figuring out what treatments work seemingly impossible to accomplish.

It’s the double punch fibro fiasco!

These problems scream for a technology based solution. Bringing software into play that provides a well defined process while integrating all of the tools and systems needed to make that process easy yet super effective empowers the patient management process.

FibroTrack tech solution

FibroTrack is a membership based web application designed to support research proven processes. You login and from your personal members home page (or using the FibroTrack mobile apps) you can do all of the management activities that are needed. FibroTrack provides a well defined, turn-key system to follow with all the tools you need built in.

fibromyalgia puzzle

FibroTrack Will Help You Figure It Out!

Getting started with FibroTrack couldn’t be easier with video Quick Start Guides and Tutorials! Tech support is always an email away. We are here to help you use FibroTrack and start taking control of your fibromyalgia.

FibroTrack makes getting your best possible self-management process moving forward easy. We show you exactly what to do and we give you all the tools to make it happen.

You Can Get Better. Make a decision. Are you willing to get started in a new technology enhanced process?

Fight SMART. Achieving positive results is easier when you have a system to follow. FibroTrack provides a complete system ready to go:

Tracking all the details for your fibro is super easy with FibroTrack

2FibroTrack mobile applications enable tracking anytime you want.

3FibroTrack reporting features enable incredible analysis

4FibroTrack provides a huge resource of treatment information.

6FibroTrack support groups provide fantastic support!

7FibroTrack enables care team coordination that is amazing

8FibroTrack includes tutorial videos that make learning easy

1Dr. Deborah Barrett is enthusiastic about FibroTrack

PLEASE – Make a Decision to Let FibroTrack Help You Get Better!

What would your life be like?

How your life can be through using FibroTrack.FibroTrack users say...

What Sara has to say about FibroTrack.

Tanya tells us about FibroTrack

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Chris tells us about FibroTrack

Matt is a FibroTrack User!

Michelle likes FibroTrack

Debra tells us about FibroTrack

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fight smart vs fight hard

Those who do not understand fibromyalgia may tell you that you just need to “Suck It Up” or be more persistent in fighting through your pain. They may believe that beating fibromyalgia is a function of willpower and perseverance. To get better, they feel you must fight harder and simply refuse to let your pain hold you back.

They are wrong. Beating fibromyalgia through exercising your will to refuse the pain and fight through your symptoms is not going to work. There are many instances in life where fighting harder and leveraging extreme tenacity will bring great rewards. Fibromyalgia is not one of them!

They key to success in overcoming fibromyalgia is to fight smart. Use technology, systems and tools to make your efforts more effective. Seek expert help and empower them with understanding precisely how your fibromyalgia functions in your body. Beat fibro by out-smarting it!

FibroTrack carries no risk

FibroTrack comes in 2 options – a Monthly Subscription or an Annual Subscription. Payment is made either through credit card or Paypal. (our third party payment processor is – the most secure and trusted payment processor available!)

Both options include a 30-Day; “No Questions Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you sign up for FibroTrack – either on the monthly or annual option – and you decide within the first 30 days that it is not for you – then we will refund 100% of the purchase price back to you.

FibroTrack Has a 100% Guarantee

Don't miss out on FibroTrack

To help boost the initial growth of the FibroTrack community and to reward our “early adopters” we are offering FibroTrack subscriptions at hugely discounted prices.

The Launch Offer Pricing will only be available to the first 500 subscribers. Please Don’t Miss Out!

Since the website first appeared online, we have had over 100,000 unique visitors – despite no marketing. If you think FibroTrack can help you, please do not delay and miss out on savings!

The annual subscription offer gives you HUGE savings. We are pushing the annual option because we want users to really commit to this process. FibroTrack is not a “Cure”. It is not a quick fix. FibroTrack is a fantastic tool to teach you strong self-management skills and empower your treatment efforts but like any tool for it to work you must use it. Building a proven effective individual treatment program takes time, it’s not going to happen overnight!

We want individuals who subscribe to FibroTrack to make a commitment that they are going to use the system and engage in the process of building an effective self-management effort. We are using the pricing options to help promote this!

The annual subscription plan rewards you with substantial savings because you made a choice to dedicate yourself to engaging in an ongoing effort to fight to Get Better. You save money by committing to the long term process.

FibroTrack Annual Membership

Yearly FibroTrack subscriptions are regularly priced at $99.97 which is billed on an automatic recurring basis every 365 days. (we send reminder emails starting the month before, cancel whenever you want)

*** Special Limited Time “Launch Offer” Pricing ***

Only $5.83 per month! Save 30%! $30.00 Less per Year!

Hurry for special pricing


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FibroTrack Annual Memberships

Monthly FibroTrack subscriptions are regularly priced at $14.97 which is billed on an automatic recurring basis every 30 days. You can of course cancel anytime you want.

*** Special Limited Time “Launch Offer” Pricing ***

33% Discount! Save $5.00 per Month $60.00 Less per Year!

FibroTrack monthly special pricing

Monthly buy

Is FibroTrack worth it?

We understand how tough times are. We absolutely get how tight money is and how expensive it is to try and fight fibromyalgia regardless of what kind of insurance you may or may not have. We have fought the same challenges. Fibromyalgia pain most definitely extends to the wallet! Making a decision to subscribe to FibroTrack likely means missing out on something else. We respect the difficulty of this kind of decision!

fibrotrack value list 1

FibroTrack is a complete system

FibroTrack will save you money

FibroTrack helps you shareA complete system


whats stopping you

dont miss out

buy button and guarantee

I keep a pain diaryPain Diaries

Keeping a daily pain log or diary has long been promoted by experts and many doctors. It is common practice for Pain Clinics to require their patients to keep a daily pain diary, often they provide multi-page forms to be filled out each day.

No doubt, keeping a written paper-based pain diary is an excellent first step and doing this is far superior to not doing any active tracking at all.

But… is this really the best way?

Why pain diaries are not so great


Join the 21st century

Shelly tells us about FibroTrack

What kim thinks

Users love FibroTrack

Cris likes fibrotrack


What will it take?

Limited time pricing offer



Does fibrotrack always work?

FibroTrack is not a cure for fibromyalgia! FibroTrack is not even a treatment for fibro. It is a tool. Like any tool, to be of value it must be used. Signing up for FibroTrack is a complete waste of money if you are not going to put it to use.Fibrotrack is not a cure

Since FibroTrack launched, we have had several cancellations (which is to be expected). We issued refunds, no problem. We would rather issue a refund than to have someone be unhappy. There is no issue with that at all, it’s just good business.

We wanted to understand why someone would cancel, so we asked. What better way to improve the system than to find out why members cancel and fix it? We were given 3 main reason from 3 different people who cancelled: “It’s too complicated”, “It takes too much time” and “I’m too sick to do it”.

no cure is not the same as no hopeWe checked the login records for each of these accounts. Each had logged into FibroTrack only one time, on the date of purchase and the longest login session was less than 10 minutes.

Let us make this clear – you will not begin to see the benefits from FibroTrack within the first 10 minutes of logging in for the first time. If you’re not committed enough to the self-management process FibroTrack is designed to facilitate to give it more than 10 minutes worth of trying, then do not sign up for FibroTrack, it is not for you!

“I’m too sick to do it”. That is a tough thing to evaluate. Yes – it is possible that someone can be too sick to be able to use FibroTrack. We recognize that some individuals with fibromyalgia and probably a number of other conditions are so debilitated that they cannot function on their own. My best guess would be that perhaps 1% – 3% of individuals with fibromyalgia would fall into this category.

you can do it

FibroTrack Can Help!

The opposite is also true. Around 3% – 5% of individuals with Fibro are functionally “Cured” through the use of prescription medications like Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella and others. That is a tiny fraction of fibro sufferers but for them there is no need for a system like FibroTrack.

For most with fibromyalgia – It’s up to you. Getting Better is up to you. I know you want to “Be Better” – but – are you willing to “Get Better”? There is a difference. The first implies an instant transformation. “Poof” — Your Better! Yaaa!

Good luck with that.

“Getting Better” means you’re working for it. Who will benefit most from FibroTrack? Individuals who refuse to accept that nothing can be done. People who are absolutely committed to crushing this thing and regaining control of their lives. FibroTrack is for the fighters among you. Those who will take action. Those who demand success.

Is That You?

get serious


Join now



1. Why Do I Need This? Because living with and effectively treating fibromyalgia is incredibly difficult. Determining what will work for you is hard. Figuring out which combination of treatment options will prove best for you requires a process. FibroTrack makes this process automatic. Building a system to follow is done for you. Instead of having your time, energy and focus consumed with struggling through how to manage your fibro, you can direct your efforts at achieving meaningful results.

2. What Nationality is FibroTrack For? FibroTrack currently has members in the USA, Canada, the UK, Sweden and Australia (and possibly others). The system uses the English language. We strive to bring information and technology to the fibromyalgia treatment process that will prove useful regardless of a members location or nationality. Some information in blog postings or articles related to insurance and governmental programs will be more relevant to certain nationalities, but we work to keep FibroTrack and its community focused on an international audience. Everyone is welcome!

3. Is FibroTrack Just For Fibromyalgia? The FibroTrack system is clearly directed toward fibromyalgia, but the functionality and research principals behind FibroTrack are equally applicable for a number of other chronic pain conditions. We have been approached by a number of care providers about using the FibroTrack system with patients suffering from many conditions and in the future we will be offering a version of the system that is “Private Labeled” for care provider practices and used with any number of chronic pain conditions. The “Intelligent Trial & Error” process that FibroTrack supports is applicable to any condition where individuals need to test and build a custom treatment approach. Because so many individuals with fibromyalgia are also diagnosed with multiple other conditions, FibroTrack includes a huge listing of other diagnoses in the user profile. Symptoms for any condition can be tracked inside FibroTrack.

4. What About Privacy? We take your privacy very seriously at FibroTrack and a tremendous amount of work was put into the system during development to ensure that the user has complete privacy control over everything in FibroTrack. Users can set “sharing rules” for everything inside the system. You can share information with all FibroTrack users or just with members of your FibroTrack support group or with nobody. We even include an option for “Total Privacy” that ensures just that. You can even set the sharing rules for individual symptoms. We NEVER share any of your personal information with anyone (like name, address, phone, email – any personal identity info).

5. Who Owns FibroTrack? FibroTrack is 100% owned by Online Awesome LLC which is 100% owned by me – Terry Springer. We have no financial partners or backers, the entire website and FibroTrack application have been privately funded. We are not affiliated in any way with any pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies or governmental agencies. Our main website – – does not accept any sponsorship or advertising. We feel that doing so could compromise the non-biased educational resource position we seek to fill for our members. We never share any members personal information with any outside entity – ever – for any reason.

6. What Happens to All the Data? We will be sharing access to the broad FibroTrack database with researchers. Part of the purpose for this project is to build a massive database of accurate, consistent patient input symptom and treatment data which can then be used by researchers to broaden our understanding of chronic pain and hopefully move us closer to a true cure. While collective symptom and treatment data will be shared, no user identity information is ever shared with anyone. Researchers will have access to all symptom and treatment tracking inputs from all users, but no individual user ID’s, names or other identity information of any kind will be attached to any of the shared collective data.

7. How Much Time Does This Take? It will vary for each user, but updating FibroTrack daily typically takes just a few moments. Keeping track of symptoms and treatments is very simple and only takes seconds. Using the smart phone apps makes it even faster and lets you update anywhere, anytime. When it comes time to dig into your analysis, you can spend as much time as you wish. You may also find yourself spending more time on FibroTrack hanging out with support buddies and updating on how they are doing. FibroTrack is fun! Learning how to use everything in FibroTrack does take some time, but we make it easy with video tutorials. Remember – the entire point of FibroTrack is to make your management process easier, faster and more effective. But that does not mean that using FibroTrack takes no time.

8. What Kind of Computer Do I Need? FibroTrack is a “cloud based” system. There is no software to install on your computer, the system runs in your web browser. You can access your FibroTrack account from any computer. Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla and Chrome browsers are all supported. FibroTrack runs on both the PC and Mac. You do not need a “cutting edge” computer to run FibroTrack, if your computer is letting you see this page it will probably work fine. The FibroTrack mobile companion applications are available for the iPhone and Android phones. We also have a Kindle app in the works. The full FibroTrack application works great on the iPad and Android tablets!

9. Why is this a “For Profit” Thing? FibroTrack is funded through membership fees. Online Awesome LLC is a for profit corporation. We really see little meaningful difference between “Non-Profit” organizations and “For Profit” when it comes to fulfilling a need. Both types of groups require funding to operate. We looked at many different potential revenue models for FibroTrack and decided on a membership model for one primary reason. People value things more when they pay for them. If you value something, you are more likely to use it. Our objective with FibroTrack is not just to bring in all the money we can, but rather to actually have people use the system. With an advertising model or using sponsorships from big drug companies, the system could possibly be offered for free to end users, but members would be far less likely to actually use FibroTrack. If you do not use it – it cannot help you and thus our bigger purpose is not met.

10. Why is there No Free Trial Offer? The benefits from using FibroTrack are primarily not instant. It takes time to build your own baseline of data and start moving forward with an effective testing process. Giving a free 2 week trial offer or something similar would serve little purpose because users are not going to see the real benefits of FibroTrack in that kind of time frame. We want users to make a longer term commitment and to understand up front that this is a tool to support a proven process – not some claimed miracle cure. We do offer the 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee so trying FibroTrack is no risk.

11. How Hard is FibroTrack to Learn? It takes time to learn any software system no matter how intuitive and well supported it is. FibroTrack is designed for individuals who are struggling with chronic pain, fatigue and “Fibro-Fog”. We get how difficult it can be to really focus and study at times. FibroTrack includes both a “Quick Start Guide” and 24 Video Tutorials. The system also has help contents built in throughout the user interfaces to help you understand exactly what you should do and how to do it. Getting started is very easy. FibroTrack starts you off with just tracking all your symptoms. This way, as you are learning about the other capabilities in the system at your own pace, you’re already building your baseline of symptom data that will form the foundation upon which to compare progress later. BUT – It is up to you to learn and use FibroTrack. Like any tool – it is worthless unless you use it! We make it easy, we give you all the tools you need and teach you how – but only you can do it!

PLEASE – If you have any questions – email me directly!

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YES – We have programs available for you to use FibroTrack with your patients. There are several options including the ability to have the FibroTrack system “Private Labeled” and integrated into your own website. We also have “Care Provider” type subscriptions that let you bring your patients into FibroTrack while you both use the system to help better manage their fibromyalgia and improve the overall quality of the care you are providing.

What kind of care providers should consider this? Pain Clinics, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Fibromyalgia Coaches, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Therapists and Others. If you work with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain conditions, the FibroTrack system can help you improve the quality of the care you provide.

Please contact us for more details –


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