Guaifenesin Protocol Interview

by on May 10, 2013

The Guaifenesin Protocol for treating fibromyalgia has been around for over 25 years and it has always been somewhat controversial.

The only significant research study on this treatment method (read about it HERE) did not support its effectiveness, but advocates of the protocol point out significant flaws in how the study was conducted as well as advances in knowledge relative  to how the protocol should be followed since the study.

There are certainly a large number of individuals and medical professionals who believe that fibromyalgia treatment through the Guaifenesin Protocol is effective. One of them is Dr. Melissa Congdon who not only experienced a significant recovery from fibromyalgia herself through the use of Guaifenesin but guides patients through the protocol as part of her medical practice.

This video interview with Dr. Congdon discusses the history of the Guaifenesin Protocol, how you can learn more, important factors for success and how to get started.

The “bible” about the guaifenesin protocol is What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia by Dr. Paul St. Amand, third edition, May 2012

Below is the address for Dr. St. Amand’s website which includes information on how to start the protocol, how to check for salicylates, how to find salicylate free products, how to find a doctor/practitioner who administers the protocol, information on the City of Hope Research Studies on Fibromyalgia and the effect of guaifenesin, and a link to join the online support group (yes, there is a lot of information on this site!).

Below is the address to Dr. Congdons’s website with attached blog:

Like all treatment methods discussed on our website – we are not advocating specific treatments or suggesting that one treatment may be better than another. Rather, we seek to provide information about all treatment options and tools to help you track your progress so you can determine through your own management efforts what will work best for you!

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